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Disney has revealed a short trailer for their latest animated short film, Inner Workings, which is playing in front of Moana – the Disney Animation musical in theaters this week. This film is the directorial debut of a story artist at Disney named Leo Matsuda, and it’s an amusing and thoughtful look at life. Similar […]

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An official US trailer has debuted for a film titled Old Stone, the feature directorial debut of Johnny Ma. If you follow international news, you may remember hearing news stories about how drivers in China will go back and kill people if they accidentally hit them. It’s because the laws over there make it easier […]

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How does this looks so awesome?! Another trailer has debuted for Russian alien arrival movie Attraction, or Prityazhenie, about a giant craft that crash lands in Russia. We featured two original trailers for this a few months ago, and this new trailer has even more footage of the alien creatures and their spacecraft. The film […]

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“Save the Rebellion! Save the dream!” Disney + Lucasfilm have debuted two more action-packed TV spots for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which hits theaters in less than a month now. Tickets have already started to go on sale (beginning in the UK) and anticipation is about to hit its peak. I’ve already seen […]

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“You a whole different type of brotha – you do realize that, right?” Netflix has unveiled the full trailer for the indie film Barry, telling another story about the early years of President Barack Obama. Barry is about “Barry” Obama during his college years, with an afro and everything, as played by Devon Terrell. Most […]

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“We all know the place: the magic mushroom houses, the tiny white pants…” Sony Pictures has debuted a brand new full-length trailer for their CGI animated reboot of The Smurfs movie, titled Smurfs: The Lost Village. The first teaser trailer didn’t show much, this trailer gives us a better glimpse at the story – which […]

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Even though we have another month left, cinephiles are already releasing 2016 recap videos. Chris Santana has launched the very first 2016 – A Year in Film recap, which includes footage from almost every (major) movie released in 2016. The only one missing is Martin Scorsese’s Silence, only because they still haven’t released a trailer […]

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“Retribution is coming.” An official trailer has debuted for an indie western titled Brimstone, from Dutch filmmaker Martin Koolhoven, which premiered at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals. Brimstone stars Guy Pearce as a violent, ruthless, vengeful preacher who rules over a small town in the Old West. Dakota Fanning plays Liz, a woman “full […]

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Another wicked cool cyber punk short film to watch. Lost Boy is the latest project from PostPanic Pictures, an Amsterdam-based production company (also behind the sci-fi short film Sundays). The film is a pitch for a feature sci-fi project from directors Anthony Scott Burns and Ash Thorp, and introduces us to a dark, gritty, barren […]

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“Don’t regret the things you do, just the things you don’t.” Magnet Releasing has unveiled an official trailer for a gritty crime thriller titled Detour, a neo-noir from filmmaker Christopher Smith (of Creep, Triangle, Black Death). The fantastic young cast in this is lead by Tye Sheridan (seen in Mud, X-Men: Apocalypse), Emory Cohen (seen […]

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