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By On 27 Nov, 2016 At 03:20 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on Modern Review: Slain: Back from Hell (PS Vita)

A fallen warrior is woken from the eternal slumber of death and tasked with ridding the land of hordes of foetid, rotting aberrations summoned by the evil Lord Vroll. Reluctantly, the grizzled and battle weary Bathoryn dons his armour and grips his heavy sword once again, and turns into the blistering wind. Thunder and lightning […]

By On 26 Nov, 2016 At 03:21 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on 8Bit Music Power CD & Magazine Preorders Open

You may recall 8Bit Music Power, the chip tune music album that was released on a Famicom cartridge earlier in 2016. The slightly bizarre (yet effortlessly cool) format made the album a bit of a niche item and probably turned many people off, seeing as you need either a Famicom or a Retron 5 (other […]

The Atari Jaguar very nearly played host to a port of of Midway’s Mortal Kombat 3, and rumours suggest that it was actually finished before being cancelled. Unfortunately, the hole left in the system’s library by the disappearance of John Tobias and Ed Boon’s highly acclaimed 2D brawler was only partly plugged by copycat titles […]

By On 22 Nov, 2016 At 03:44 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on Apple MacBook Pro Touch Bar Hacked To Run Doom

Almost every gaming platform powerful enough to cope with the sprite-based id Tech engine plays host to a port of Doom. Not only that, pretty much any piece of hardware with a screen and microchip can be made to run a version of id Software’s genre-defining shooter, such is the adaptability of the code. Just […]

By On 21 Nov, 2016 At 03:26 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on Maximum Power Up Podcast – Episode 37: Amiga Memories

The Amiga is one of the most popular home computers. It easily overtook its competitor the Atari ST and with good reason. With many standout games from all types of genre as well as an amazing demo scene showing off what music and video the Amiga was capable of, it’s hardly surprising it has so […]

If Fifa 17 has left you feeling more deflated than England’s performance against Iceland, it might just be time to return to the golden era of the beautiful game. While the likes of Shearer, Gascoigne and Seaman might be missing today, fans of Sensible World of Soccer can once again relive their youth with an […]

As much as we love the Game Boy Color it’s safe to say that the lack of light behind the handheld’s screen makes for some frustrating gaming. While some retro gamers have managed to illuminate the console’s visuals through front lights stripped from a Game Boy Advance SP, a more impressive backlit solution appears to […]

After an incredible debut announcement just over a year ago, one of the hottest homebrew developments in the retro gaming world is now nearing release. Having turned to Kickstarter to help fund the project, the brains behind Tanglewood is aiming to get this upcoming game into Mega Drive consoles around the world come late 2017. […]

By On 16 Nov, 2016 At 03:28 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on Review: MVS MagicKey (Neo Geo MVS To AES Adapter)

SNK’s Neo Geo is famous with gamers the world over, which is surprising when you consider that in terms of pure units sold, it barely registers on the scale. The SNES and Mega Drive – the Neo Geo’s contemporary rivals – outsold it by a considerable margin, yet the system still managed to attract a […]

By On 16 Nov, 2016 At 03:24 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on Retro Game Hunting: Rome, Italy

It is said that all roads lead to Rome. If you’ve ever visited the city, it’s easy to see why mainland Europeans might’ve wanted an easy route there. No other European capital sports such a wealth of historical curiosities. From its incredible feats of human engineering in The Pantheon and The Colosseum, to some of […]

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