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In recent times some retro gamers have converted old iPods into ZX Spectrum tape emulators by converting tape images of games into audio files. By playing the high pitched noise through the headphone jack and back into the micro-computer, the ZX Spectrum is none the wiser that modern technology is feeding it data rather than […]

While DRM today may been seen as overly aggressive and frustrating, copy protection methods of yesteryear actually brought along some charm whilst keeping the pirates at bay. One of the more notable examples of this was the code wheel – a collection of layered card held together by a split pin with windows revealing secret […]

By On 3 Feb, 2017 At 03:17 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on Unreleased Nintendo 64 Game 'Riqa' Discovered

  Back in the late 1990s, while Lara Croft was happily raiding tombs on pretty much every platform you could shake a stick at (even the maligned N-Gage got a port of Tomb Raider), Nintendo fans could have been forgiven for feeling a little left out. Sure, Nintendo 64 owners got to plunder hidden treasure […]

By On 2 Feb, 2017 At 03:28 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on Modular Emulation System 'Retroblox' Revealed

Nothing fans the flames of online discussion more than the topic of retro emulation, but hold on to your hats because we’re delving in again. As we’ve discussed here at RetroCollect on multiple occasions in the past, there are numerous ways that gamers can play classic games using PC-based emulators or via hardware like the […]

While the Nintendo Game Boy may have ruled the handheld roost in the early nineties, it didn’t stop the many efforts from a wide range of companies to dethrone the portable king. Watara were one of the bold companies copying the Game Boy’s ethos, however, their cheap alternative – the SuperVision – came across as […]

By On 23 Jan, 2017 At 03:50 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on Maximum Power Up Podcast – Episode 41: Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is one of the most successful consoles of all time, offering gamers of all sizes, shapes and ages something different to the games of past Nintendo platforms. As we have just passed the ten year anniversary we look back at the craze that swept the world. From gamers, grannies and the Redknapps, […]

For each and every gaming console out there, there’s one final swansong which showcases the power behind the dated hardware it sits on. Take Shadow of The Colossus for example, a stunning adventure which pushes the PlayStation 2 to its absolute limits – limits we never knew the system even had. Although older consoles such […]

Over the last few years the Android operating system has opened up a whole new realm of affordable gaming options. With Google’s policy on what applications are allowed on their digital store being incredibly relaxed, and the ability to manually install software, the platform has become a modern haven for emulators and retro gamers. As […]

By On 15 Jan, 2017 At 03:16 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on Obscure Hardware: Discovering The Sharp MZ-700 Computer

Recently I found myself eyeing up another fellow collector’s purchase – the Sharp X68000, a Japanese home computer known for its incredible shoot-em-ups and near perfect arcade ports. It’s a stylish looking system, with its outer case resembling that of a sleek gaming skyscraper. Trouble is, the system is not only rare, but also quite […]

By On 14 Jan, 2017 At 03:21 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on Retro Love on the Nintendo Switch

This morning Nintendo held a conference revealing the Nintendo Switch, along with hardware details and games ranging from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to Super Mario Odyssey. Among the games shown were some which will surely go down well with retro fans coming to the Switch. Key among these was Arcade Archives […]

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