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  Magnavox Odyssey After the rejection by the military of Raplh Baer’s idea, Baer would spend several years covertly trying to obtain the legal rights to commercially reproduce the game machine he helped design at Sanders Associates in 1966.Eventually the Pentagon became disinterested in the “TV Game” project, and Baer was allowed to pursue the […]

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  If any one company seemed poised to commandeer control of the video game industry from Nintendo, it was NEC. With a huge and imposing market share in the computer and communication industries, NEC had been driving their developers since 1988 towards the production of a new video game system. Nintendo’s president Hirosi Yamauchi saw […]

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Top 100 Games of All Time This list of games was compiled by the customers of Player’s Choice. To affect the outcome of this list go to our┬ácontest page and enter your Top Ten games of all Time.   Rank Game System 1 Zelda: Ocarina of Time N64 2 Final Fantasy VII PSX 3 Poke’mon […]

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