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There are too many names to list here – the likes of JAMMA+, Arcade Otaku, the Neo Geo Development Wiki and more have all been helpful – but man, do I love the people who share their expertise about arcade games online. I recently picked up a Neo Geo MVS motherboard from eBay, with the assurance that […]


Over the last few years the retro gaming community has been blessed with the creation of box protectors for a wide range of different shaped releases. Long gone are the days where we had to worry about our Super Nintendo classics being accidentally crushed during a gaming session. If you’re the type who invests in […]


Looking back in hindsight the 64-bit era of gaming consoles were far from being the revolutionary additions we were promised. Don’t get us wrong, we love the Nintendo 64 to bits but it’s safe to say that a lot of its software library featured blurry and muddy graphics. As of today though it appears game […]


A few weeks ago we broke the news that the fabled Nintendo PlayStation / SNES-CD’s BIOS had leaked onto the internet. After sparking plenty of interest and leaving many wondering about its legitimacy, the brains behind the emulation scene have managed to reverse engineer its very core. As a result we’re impressed to say that […]


While the Mega Man series may be well established for its platforming escapades, one of the more popular spin-offs in the blue bomber’s outings is with the Battle Network games. Aimed towards RPG fans with its tactical battle engine and chip collecting elements, the Mega Man: Battle Network series became hugely popular during the Game […]


Something wonderful happened on the Super Nintendo back in the mid-nineties. In fact a lot of amazing moments derived from that 16bit King Console. Long before the days of Grand Theft Auto on the Playstation 1, DMA Designs were hard at work designing a Super Nintendo game that I deem was one of a kind… […]

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Releasing music in a bizarre or antiquated format is nothing new – just look at the tiny hand-cranked music box Mogwai released their 2004 single Tracy on; or Jack White’s decision to release a collection of his songs on a vinyl record that could only be played properly at 3rpm. There are undoubtedly even more […]


As far as fan translations for older games go, there are very few stand out titles for the earlier systems which are still in need of localisation. One glaring omission from the ROM hacking scene however, is an English language patch for the Japanese exclusive Game Boy Advance adventure Magical Vacation – a title which […]


Believe it or not but Sega had originally hoped to throw their bright blue mascot into yet another realm. Calling upon the creator of Puzzle Bobble, Fukio Mitsuji, the Japanese gaming giant began work on SegaSonic Bros. Although failing to see release, a working prototype of the game has recently been discovered. Powered by WPeMatico


As technology continues to press on, a wide range of devices once fulfilling our daily needs are sadly lost to time. While the retro gaming community may still be championing their classic consoles, there are still aspects of our hobby that remain somewhat abandoned. Although only focusing on a small sector of this issue, one […]

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