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Although the arrival of brand new retro gaming systems seemed like a great idea at the time, the Sega Mega Drive and Genesis aftermarket consoles have been anything but decent. The most crippling aspect to these all-in-one systems is their horrific audio output, giving countless 16-bit classics an awful and unfamiliar tone. With a quick […]

About 24 months ago, everything (and I really do mean everything) in my life changed. Forever. I recall where I was, not necessarily what day, other than it was hot (that being a miracle in itself in Ireland), or what time, other than it was bright-ish out and I was standing in our kitchen; when my wife […]

By On 11 May, 2016 At 03:45 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on Atari Lynx SD Card Reader Available For Pre-Order

While the Atari Jaguar is often used as a punchline, Atari’s Lynx handheld is championed by most gamers as a worthy system. While the unit’s size is still a bone of contention for some, the Lynx’s software library is considered amongst the best there is for a portable gaming console and some of the games […]

By On 10 May, 2016 At 03:17 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on New Dreamcast Game 'Xenocider' Hits Kickstarter

The Dreamcast seems to go from strength to strength and the console’s library continues to grow even in 2016. Earlier this year we saw the release of Leona’s Tricky Adventures, and the coming months will see Bomberman clone Alice Dreams Tournament, first person shooter SLaVE and role player Elysian Shadows grace Sega’s undead system. Powered […]

With the constant arrival of new hardware for classic systems, it was only a matter of time before someone built the ultimate solution to enjoying Nintendo NES games three decades after its initial release. RetroUSB recently revealed on Facebook their upcoming AVS console, a spiritual revision of Nintendo’s 8-bit system with built in HDMI out […]

With or without permission from Nintendo, cloned hardware has become a common sight in the gaming world ever since the arrival of countless Famiclones in the late 80s. These production lines have since spread out to cover 16-bit systems and beyond, with the more recent offerings mimicking the Game Boy line up. One of the […]

Mario Party is often renowned for its fantastic turn based gameplay, but more notably for its tendency to cause huge arguments between gamers. Whether it be unfair rules, the stealing of stars, or lack of control over the minigames, it’s now time to put the odds back in your favour. The newly announced application Party […]

In 1992 a Japanese exclusive adventure for the Nintendo Game Boy known as Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru hit Japan. Although remaining an exclusive release to the Far East, many would soon experience what the game had to offer as its engine was reused to create The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. A […]

Every had the urge to plug a more modern control pad into the Nintendo NES? You’re in luck! 8Bitdo and Analogue have partnered up to create the Retro Receiver. This controller adapter simply plugs into Nintendo’s 8-bit console, allowing PlayStation 4 pads, Wii Remotes, arcade sticks and even aftermarket Super Nintendo pads to connect up […]

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