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Our much loved blue hedgehog has always had an attitude, but his transition into the 3D world equipped him with a vocal arrogance. Whether or not you enjoyed Sonic’s outings on the Dreamcast and beyond, it’s safe to say that his dated lines had even the biggest fans cringing. In an attempt to prove to […]

In this latest episode Phil and Chris are joined by guest host Jake Smith ( no relation to Chris ) who was previously on the first Mega Drive podcast episode. We sit down to discuss some more of our favourite Mega Drive games, as well as talking about some of the best games you, the […]

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Hyperkin Announces Turbo HD Hyperkin Has Announced Development of Portable TurboGrafx-16 March 31st, 2016 (LOS ANGELES, Calif.) On March 31st, Hyperkin, a video game hardware developer from Los Angeles, has announced they will be developing the Turbo HD, a handheld console compatible with Turbograx-16 (PC Engine in Japan) games – otherwise known as HuCards. Sporting […]

Anyone who grew up with a Nintendo NES will no doubt be able to work their way through the early areas of Super Mario Bros 3’s Grass Land – but could you beat all 90 of the game’s levels at the same time? Although impossible in theory, one retro gamer has stitched together a mosaic […]

As far as Role Playing Games go the much loved classic formula of turn based battles have taken somewhat of a backseat in the last few years. With the likes of Final Fantasy opting for more action-based combat, the days of battling through menus are numbered. That said, one of the most significant releases in […]

If you’re not yet sick of Flappy Bird, the averian adventures continue on with another outing on a classic console. Unlike the prior ports we’ve covered, the newest Flappy Bird recreation on retro gaming hardware programs the game on the fly within Super Mario World using nothing but Super Nintendo hardware. Powered by WPeMatico

Wrestling games have been seen as marmite for gamers for years, but love them or hate them, there are loads! This episode Paul, Phil, Chris and special guest Maffew Gregg of popular YouTube channel Botchamania sit down to discuss some of their favourite games. Powered by WPeMatico

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If there’s one complaint about the N64 that doesn’t centre around its trident-shaped control pad, it’s the visual output of the console. Most games on the console operate using a very aggressive form of anti-aliasing which results in a major loss of visual clarity, particularly on 2D objects. For some users, this simple bugbear has […]

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WG Labs has announced Master Of Orion’s sponsorship of Sci-Fi London, the annual film festival taking place in our fair capital from 27th April – 6th May 2016. Players will be able to get their hands on the revival of the classic 4X series, originally released in 1993, which features a huge cast of revered […]

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