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The Super Nintendo was a major success in America, which is not a surprise since it had some amazing games. It was most known for its great role playing games such as the Final Fantasy series and Chrono Trigger. It also had a ton of side scrolling action platformers like Super Star Wars and Indiana […]

The annals of retro gaming are littered with tales of remarkable gaming prowess: Super Mario speed runs, unbroken strings of Street Fighter II double perfects… Only recently, the maximum possible score for Donkey Kong was officially achieved, immediately ruining it for other human beings and Billy Mitchell. But I was party to something equally awe-inspiring; something […]

By On 19 May, 2016 At 03:42 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on Rarity Hunting & Retro Game Shopping Tour Of West Japan

There has been a lot of talk recently of the decline of the retro game scene in Japan, particulary with regards to the now famous Super Potato in Akihabara. Where once the shelves were bursting with old software, now they are looking noticeably less full, especially with regards to systems such as the PC Engine. […]

You may be wondering based on the title of this article why would someone reintroduce the Safari Zone into Pokemon Gold. Well this isn’t your regular Safari Zone from other Nintendo Game Boy releases in this franchise, as this zone was added to give you the opportunity to catch all the other Pokemon exclusive to […]

If you’ve ever felt that the way the PlayStation handled straight lines was a little off, you’re not alone. Sony’s 32-bit powerhouse dealt with its polygons in an imprecise way which often left various clipping issues and an unusual perspective from some camera angles. Through the magic of emulation though, this is all about to […]

By On 18 May, 2016 At 03:51 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on Retro Review: Extreme Violence (Commodore Amiga)

You’ll probably look at the title above, presumably glance ever so briefly at the screenshots and more than likely scroll down from this article and read the latest gaming news instead. If you haven’t then you must be reading this so perhaps carrying on with the article was a good idea. Below is an in […]

By On 17 May, 2016 At 03:16 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on Gaming Memories #1: Die! Alien Slime (Commodore 64)

Do you remember the first game purchased with your own hard earned pocket money? Making the small trek to Planet Games back in the good ol’ days of the late 80s (exact dates elude me as now I can’t even do simple maths let alone remember an arbitrary time period) and spending what must have […]

By On 14 May, 2016 At 03:24 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on Retro Comparison: Resident Evil 1 Vs. Resident Evil 2

The Resident Evil series is one of the most iconic franchises to hit store shelves during the emergence of 3D gaming consoles during the 1990’s. It was marketed to older gamers which was definitely a newer concept for console gaming. After the original Resident Evil made its mark on the industry, the announcement of the […]

At the turn of the 1990s an all new animated film based on the Snow White fairytale was set to hit the cinemas alongside its very own video game tie-in. Happily Ever After, as it was known, unfortunately hit all kinds of issues in production, which in turn had a knock on effect with its […]

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