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By On 12 Oct, 2017 At 03:16 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on Maximum Power Up Podcast – Episode 56: Nintendo DS

In March 2005 Nintendo unleashed the DS. A brand new dual screen handheld with a user friendly touchscreen. The DS soon became the gamer’s handheld of choice with well known Nintendo titles such as Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and many more. Games companies were soon quick on the uptake to how the touch screen controls […]

By On 6 Oct, 2017 At 03:11 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on Unreleased Sega Saturn Game 'ARMED' Surfaces On eBay

I won’t lie – I’d never heard of ARMED before I saw this news. However, it looks like another prototype game for Sega’s underrated 32-bit machine has popped up on eBay. ARMED appears to have been in development in the mid 1990s and was a side-scrolling shooter in the vein of 3DO title Phoenix 3; […]

By On 26 Sep, 2017 At 03:25 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on Maximum Power Up Podcast – Episode 55: Sports Games

Maximum Power Up takes another look at the excellent Sony Playstation 2. This time Paul is joined by Chris to discuss some of their favourite PS2 games. As well as this they talk about what makes the PS2 such a great console, the range of games for it, their memories of the machine and more. […]

By On 8 Aug, 2017 At 03:12 AM | Categorized As Classic | With Comments Off on Maximum Power Up Podcast – Episode 52: Bargain Hunt

In this episode Paul, Phil and Jake set themselves a challenge to buy games on a budget. With the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 being last gen there are loads of great bargains to be found. Using high street retailer CEX as a price guide the challenge was to buy 5 games for these formats […]

Joining the likes of Battle Garegga and Dangun Feveron as shmups we did not expect to get modern-day ports on Playstation 4, Jaleco obscurity The Game Paradise will be getting a rerelease on both PS4 and Windows via Steam, in a new version titled The Game Paradise: CruisinMix. Powered by WPeMatico

If you’ve dabbled in emulation as of late you’ll no doubt be aware that the Android operating system has provided a new lease of life for countless consoles and computers. While just about every popular system of yesteryear is somewhat playable on most smartphones and gaming tablets, there’s one platform which has been massively neglected […]

We are back again with the second part of our Super Nintendo episode. Following on from Paul, Julian and Alex’s discussion about one of the gaming communities most treasured system, Phil, Chris and Amy present a further 15 games that set the system apart from its peers. Powered by WPeMatico

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