Pinhead Is Back In The Gore-Soaked Hellraiser Judgment Trailer

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While most hit horror movies have inspired multiple sequels over the years, few have made it to double figures. Hellraiser has now joined that exclusive club (alongside the Friday The 13th and Amityville franchises) with the upcoming Hellraiser Judgment. The first trailer for the tenth film in the series has now been released.

From the looks of it, Hellraiser Judgment contains all the elements that fans of the series will expect–bizarre killings, quasi-religious imagery, horrific creatures, and buckets of gore. And of course, Pinhead, the iconic leader of the demonic Cenobites, makes an appearance. Check the trailer out above.

A synopsis for the film has also been released. It reads, “The dreaded Pinhead returns in the next terrifying chapter of the classic Hellraiser series. Three detectives trying to stop a diabolical serial killer are sucked into a maze of otherworldly horror, where hellish denizens including the Auditor, the Assessor, and the Jury await to pass judgment.” The movie hits VoD and home entertainment formats on February 13, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The Hellraiser series kicked off with Clive Barker’s classic 1987 movie, which was based on one of his short stories. The flawed but ambitious Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 followed a year later, and since then there has been a steady stream of movies, some better than others. Hellraiser Bloodline (no.4) took Pinhead to space, while Hellraiser Inferno (no.5) is notable for being the directorial debut of Scott Derrickson, who most recently helmed Doctor Strange for Marvel.

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