Hardware Review: RetroHQ's Neo Geo Pocket SD Flash Cartridge

Neo-Geo-Pocket-SD-Flash-Cartridge-ReviewWith less than 100 games in its library, the Neo Geo Pocket might not seem like a convincing candidate for a flash cart, but when you consider that a great many of its titles are incredibly hard to obtain these days on the secondary market, the existence of the Neo Geo Pocket SD flash cartridge is a little more understandable. Getting a 100 percent complete NGPC software collection is a costly affair to say the least; the console’s rather dismal commercial performance – twinned with the iconic nature of SNK, its creator – has predictably caused prices to surge in recent years as more and more of the system’s top-tier titles get gobbled up by enthusiasts and collectors.

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Hardware Review: RetroHQ's Neo Geo Pocket SD Flash Cartridge, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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