Unreleased Sega Saturn Game 'ARMED' Surfaces On eBay

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I won’t lie – I’d never heard of ARMED before I saw this news. However, it looks like another prototype game for Sega’s underrated 32-bit machine has popped up on eBay. ARMED appears to have been in development in the mid 1990s and was a side-scrolling shooter in the vein of 3DO title Phoenix 3; but featuring pre-rendered visuals and a more cartoonish science fiction setting in place of the digitised graphics seen in Studio 3DO’s game.

According to the eBay auction, this pre-production version of ARMED (from Point of View and Interplay) is fully playable but is missing cut scenes and music in places. The seller has also included a helpful scan of a magazine article previewing the game back when it was in development.


ARMED is currently listed on eBay with a price tag of $2,500 so it is quite possibly out of the price range of the average collector. However, if you have the funds, now’s your chance to grab a more obscure slice of Sega Saturn history.

Source: Saturn Memories

Link: ARMED eBay Listing 

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