Shirtless Mario: Here's How People Reacted

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A new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey released today during the Nintendo Direct briefing showed legendary gaming character Mario without a shirt on. Even though it might not have been the first time we saw Mario shirtless, people had a lot to say about it.

There were a lot of Good Tweets™ on the subject, and we’re collecting some of the silliest ones we’ve seen in this post because we need to preserve this moment in gaming history. But before we get started, you should know that the @ShirtlessMario Twitter handle is already taken. Sorry about that (it wasn’t me; or was it? It wasn’t). And yep, there is already a meme template on KnowYourMeme for Shirtless Mario.

Obviously what the internet ran with was the fact that we saw Mario’s nipples. We didn’t doubt he had them, but now we’ve seen them. What we didn’t learn is if Mario has an innie or an outie belly button, or if he has one at all, because he pulls his swim trunks up so high. What’s up with that?

Whatever the case, below you can see some silly reactions to shirtless Mario. Super Mario Odyssey, which looks really good, launches on October 27 for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo revealed a ton of other information in today’s Nintendo Direct broadcast. Be sure to also check out our roundup of all the news from the presentation.

Explore the frozen fields of Shiveria in the Snow Kingdom & the sunny shores of Bubblaine in the Seaside Kingdom in #SuperMarioOdyssey!

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) September 13, 2017

i improved mario’s shirtless model, hire me nintendo

— Trey (@RosePrinceTrey) September 13, 2017

LET THAT BOY MARIO BE SHIRTLESS damn y’all are soooo judgmental

— Anthony Obiawunaotu (@fattonyrap) September 14, 2017

if mario has nipples then why doesn’t yoshi – please nintendo this only raises difficult questions

— Matt Lees (@Jam_sponge) September 13, 2017

Will mario’s nipples get deleted on Instagram

— Jamie McKelvie (@McKelvie) September 13, 2017

When Mario gets cold in Shiveria, will his nipples show through his clothing?

— bonkert (@weirdbonk) September 13, 2017

Upon further inspection, Mario has been shirtless before…but DIDN’T HAVE NIPPLES. He GREW nipples for Odyssey. Story of the CENTURY.

— GoNintendoTweet (@GoNintendoTweet) September 14, 2017

— Angharad Yeo (@angharadyeo) September 13, 2017

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