Super Nintendo Fighting Game 'Unholy Night' Hits Kickstarter


Unholy Night is a brand new 2D one-on-one fighting game for the Super Nintendo that was officially unveiled in late 2016. The game caused quite a stir once it was revealed, not only because of the format on which it was running, but also because of the credentials of the team behind it.

Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter is the result of a colloboration between various creatives behind such classic fighting game series as Samurai Shodown, King of Fighters and Art of Fighting, so you know where you stand when it comes to quality. While the game has been complete for some time now, the ability of development team Blazepro to actually release Unholy Night on a Super Nintendo cartridge has been hampered by a lack of funding; and as such the collective has turned to Kickstarter to make a physical release a reality.


There’s no denying the rich heritage and SNK stylings that Unholy Night exudes, and those who have sampled the game have praised the fighting engine. That it is running on a Super Nintendo only adds to the allure of this title. With a funding goal of $52,500, and a production target of 1500 cartridges Blazepro have a way to go at present, but hopefully as news spreads of this new Super Nintendo game, the backers will come through.


There are a few things backers do need to be aware of. The first is that at present, there is only an NTSC version of Unholy Night planned, and furthermore the game will only work on either genuine NTSC Super Nintendo systems or with a Retro-Bit branded consoles such as the RetroDuo or RetroTrio. Support for other emulation systems such as the RetroN 5 has not been confirmed as yet. The team behind Unholy Night do seem to be very responsive to potential backers’ questions though, and are very open about what will and will not be included at each backer level. If you’d like to know more about Unholy Night, follow the link below.

Link: Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter Kickstarter

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