Saints Row 4 — Inauguration Station Trailer

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Create your custom president now and import it into the game later!

The Third Street Saints had humble beginnings. The gang originally operated out of an abandoned church in a district of Stilwater known as Saints Row. Even though they started small, the Saints always had high aspirations.
Julius Little founded the Saints to wipe out crime and reclaim the streets. While their intentions were noble, the ensuing war cost them dearly. Friendships were tested, alliances were broken, and the future boss of the Saints—who was then still new to the crew—almost lost their life at the hands of the man who recruited them.

After awakening from the ensuing coma, the soon-to-be head of the Saints found a very different Stilwater awaiting them. The Ultor Corporation had taken over the city and three new gangs had set up shop. Alongside their friend Johnny Gat, the newly-ordained Boss set about rebuilding the Saints and reclaiming their home from the influences that had settled in—the gangs as well as the corrupt CEO of Ultor, Dane Vogel.

After conquering the city, the Saints set down roots, intending to keep gangs out of their city.

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