Xbox One Reveal Trailer – Xbox One Reveal Event

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Microsoft unveils the next generation of gaming with the Xbox One.

Microsoft’s new Xbox has been officially unveiled at the company’s Redmond campus in a big, giant tent in the middle of the complex.
The Xbox One will receive 15 exclusive games in the system’s first year, Microsoft announced at today’s next-gen Xbox reveal event. Of the 15 games, eight of them will be brand-new franchises.
Microsoft’s Don Mattrick revealed the Xbox One launches later this year. There’s no word on a price or a more specific window, but we can expect to hear more at E3 next month.

The Xbox One’s tech specs have been revealed by Microsoft. The new machine will feature an 8-core CPU and 8GB of RAM alongside three separate operating systems.
One of the operating systems will be dedicated to playing games. The second is a kernel of Windows and will power the likes of Internet explorer. The third will connect the two, enabling super-fast switching of content, which is able to be voice-activated.
The system will also have a Blu-Ray drive, wi-fi connectivity, 64-bit architecture and will run practically silently. There will also be various power-saving states and a 500GB internal hard drive. Superfast USB 3.0 is included for connectivity as well as both HDMI in and out.
In terms of the Kinect-alike recognition second, the new machine will transmit 2GB of data per second to recognise you, working to a 13-billionths of a second time frame.
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